King Black Dragon 07

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He realized there was no more havoc to be wrought under his mortal guise, so he transformed back into his true form as the evil black dragon Skreubaxxerz and flew off to his gilded lair to rest for a thousand years hence before his next reign.

Researchers discover 18th century royal promotion decree – the 14th year of King Le Hien Tong’s reign. Even after centuries, the document remains intact, measuring 2.1m long and 0.5m wide, with bold, black Chinese.

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Dragon Desire: Emerald Dragons Book 2 Kindle Edition – A one-time fairytale romance has turned black and blue. It’s time to go.

Forced to return to living amongst the humans yet again by the dragon elders, Torran is.

A jet-black dragon found in the deepest jungles who normally devours trees.

Black Nerd Crush Blues: Myra Monkhouse Deserved Way Better – Did you know that everytime a Black nerd boy says, “Black women don’t like.

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